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Celosome Aqua

HA 24mg/mL, Mannitol 0.9%

Celosome™ fillers is a series of stabilized hyaluronic acid-based fillers which are produced using special HENM cross-linking technology, securing the best viscoelasticity and safety. Multi-staged membrane purification of HA in Celosome™ fillers allows complete removal of the cross-linking agent BDDE, while de-ionization and the use of ultra-pure water system minimize the content of endotoxin and other impurities in the final product.

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2.5mL x 5syringes (strong)/ 1.1mL x 1syringes

Celosome Aqua
Celosome Aqua
Celosome Aqua
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  • Celosome Aqua

    Celosome Aqua

    - Celosome Aqua is 8 phases filtering with ultra functional technology
    - Celosome Aqua is Complete removal of residual BDDE with multi way membrane technology

    Celosome Aqua

    - Celosome Aqua is Minimizing of impurities including endotoxin with de ionized equipment & ultra pure water system
    - Minimum use of BDDE with HENM cross linking technology, securing the best viscoelasticity & safety


    • Non cross linking
    • For Hydro lifting
    • High contents of HA (60mg/syringe)
    • Proper viscoelasticity
    • Improvement on minute facial wrinkle
    • Moisturizing & increasing elasticity


    Celosome Aqua

    Injection Site : Superficial totop dermis
    HA Concentration : 24mg/mi
    Visco-elasticity : lowest
    Indications : Skin hydration, revitalizing and rejuvenation
    Packaging : 2.5ml/syringe
    Mannitol : 0.9%
    Shelf Life : 24 months
    Storage : Storage between 2-25C. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing


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