HA Dermal Filler


HA 24mg/mL, Lidocaine 0.3%

Celosome fillers is a series of stabilized hyaluronic acid-based fillers which are produced using special HENM cross-linking technology, securing the best viscoelasticity and safety. Multi-staged membrane purification of HA in Celosome™ fillers allows complete removal of the cross-linking agent BDDE, while de-ionization and the use of ultra-pure water system minimize the content of endotoxin and other impurities in the final product.

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1.1mL x 1syringe

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  • Celosome-Higher HA contents long lasting safer with less BDDE


    Celosome is a series of high-quality dermal fillers that contain stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). Celosome fillers are known for their outstanding purity, achieved through the use of special 8-staged technology and a set of membrane filters that eliminate impurities such as BDDE, endotoxin, heavy metals, and more. Celosome fillers HENM cross-linking technology used in Celosome allows for varying viscoelasticity parameters of the gel, making it suitable for different uses. The exceptional viscoelasticity parameters of Celosome fillers ensure a long-lasting aesthetic effect with a minimized risk of post-injection side effects.


    Celosome Filler-high-quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers Sales
    -The softest product above all the other cross linking HA filler
    -Improvement on minute facial wrinkles & subtle volumizing
    -Lidocaine included; lower pain during injection
    -8 phases filtering with ultra functional technology
    -Complete removal of residual BDDE with multi way membrane technology
    -Minimizing of impurities including endotoxin with de ionized equipment & ultra pure water system
    - Minimum use of BDDE with HENM cross linking technology, securing the best viscoelasticity & safety

    celosome_strong celosome_implant

    celosome Designed for long-lasting natural beauty. Celosome present high satisfaction and safety.

    -Celosome fillers TURN YOUR AGE High Content of Hyaluronic Acid Significant volume of HA-24mg/mL

    *8 phase filtering with ultra-functional technology
    *Multi-way membrane method for removal of residual BDDE
    *Ultra-pure water system and de-ionized equipment
    Designed for long-lasting natural beauty.

    Celosome present
    high satisfaction and safety.

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    Celosome fillers : Higher HA contents long lasting less BDDE


    Celosome is a modern cosmetic treatment that applies advanced technology to promote skin regeneration and improvement when applied to the skin.
    This technology focuses on delivering effective ingredients to the skin using nano-sized structures called somes.
    These somes effectively penetrate the skin's surface or various layers to help improve the skin's condition. The key features of Celosome include

    Nano-technology: Celosome utilizes nano-sized structures to deliver effective ingredients to the skin, enhancing the absorption rate of the ingredients and enabling penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.
    Diverse Ingredients: Celosome may contain various ingredients beneficial for skin health and regeneration. These ingredients can include collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, among others, which are used to increase skin elasticity, alleviate wrinkles, and improve skin tone.

    Skin Regeneration: Celosome promotes skin regeneration, aiding in healing skin damage and stimulating the activation of skin cells. This helps to restore minor skin damage and replenish skin moisture and elasticity.
    Cosmetic and Skin Improvement: Celosome can be used not only for cosmetic purposes but also for treating and improving various skin conditions. It can address concerns such as wrinkle reduction, increased skin elasticity, skin regeneration, and improvement of pigmentation issues.
    Safety and Efficacy: Celosome has been recognized as a safe and effective cosmetic treatment when used under appropriate supervision and management. The appropriate usage method and dosage are determined under the guidance of experts to provide customized treatment tailored to the patient's skin condition and goals.

    Celosome is an effective treatment method that utilizes modern technology to improve skin health and beauty.
  • celosome is Immediately visible results after administration of the filler Provides deep skin No amount of BDDE residues is present in the ready-to-use fillerhydration due to the presence of mannitol in the product composition

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