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HA 24mg/mL

Richesse™ Glam Fill is an advanced monophasic pure non-animal 24mg/ml HA body filler.

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60mL x 1vial

Richesse Glam Fill
Richesse Glam Fill
Richesse Glam Fill
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  • RICHESSE Glam Fill 60ml


    Premium Body Filler

    RICHESSE Glam Fill is Advanced monophasic pure non-animal HA body filler developed by the unique and patented stabilization technique PNET with long-lasting effect for non-surgical correction of body shape.

    Richesse Glam Fill

    RICHESSE Safety
    - Medical grade HA
    - Minimal cross linker usage
    - No side effects
    - Minimal modification

    RICHESSE Convenience
    - Absorbable material : HA
    - Easy to remove
    - Soft gel type
    - Short downtime

    • Economics
    - Reasonable price
    - Various use of HA
    - Long lasting effect
    - Outstanding lifting capacity

    Richesse Glam Fill

    RICHESSE ingredients

    Cross-linked hyaluronic acid : HA24mg/mL
    Phosphate Buffered
    SalineSodium Hyaluronate


    Store at room temperature at 2-8°

    expiration date

    24 months

  • • Material : Medical grade HA (Cross-linked hyaluronic acid)
    • HA Concentration : 24mg/mL
    • BDDE : Less than 0.2ppm
    • Gel type : Advanced Mono-phasic
    • Packaging : 50mL x 1vial
    • Storage : Room Temperature

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