Global Medical Beauty Leading Group

JDBIO Co., Ltd.

A company that makes your dreams come true and changes the world. We will lead the medical beauty industry trends at home and abroad by focusing not only on external beauty but also on internal beauty and growth.

  • Overseas distribution and Development & Distribution Company Brand corporation
  • Domestic Distribution Network Management and Product Development
  • Wholesale and retail of medicines
  • Cosmetic OEM/ODM
  • Cosmetic Development & Distribution
  • Management of hospitals and clinics in Korea
  • Export business to China
  • Wholesale and retail of medicines
  • Online distribution


Build a customer-centric business culture based on challenges, changes, and innovation to deliver the best products and services.

Core Values

  • Challenge

    Move to higher ground through continuous challenges such as R&D development and business expansion without complacency

  • Change

    Leading the market trend with flexible change and response to achieve goals in a rapidly changing environment

  • Innovation

    Drawing and implementing new creative ideas to contribute to the expansion and development of the market industry.